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PyAnsys is our collection of open-source Python client libraries. They are a major part of our commitment to allowing developers to interact with our simulation tools in new ways.

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Ansys AVxcelerate

Ansys AVxcelerate provides a simulation solution to support developing, testing and validating safe autonomous technologies.

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Ansys Common Fluids Format

Ansys Common Fluids Format SDK is a collection of APIs, data models and example programs that allow you to access or write data to Ansys Common Fluids Format files using a common format that is also used by Ansys Fluids products.

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Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP)

Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP) is the Ansys preprocessor for layered composite structures, allowing you to define and visualize complex layups.

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Ansys Data Processing Framework (DPF)

Ansys DPF is a post-processing set of tools for performing post simulation analysis and data exchanges in Python. The server components are tied closely to the PyDPF open-source project, and required for its use.

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Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery is a simulation-driven 3D design software tool that combines interactive modeling and multiple simulation capabilities, allowing you to address critical design challenges earlier in the product design process.

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Ansys Granta MI

Granta MI Enterprise offers materials data management software to store, control, and analyze, creating your materials' “gold-source.” Granta MI Enterprise is built on the foundation of Granta’s trusted materials reference data.

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Ansys Lumerical

Ansys Lumerical, a complete photonics simulation software solution, enables the design of photonics components, circuits, and systems.

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Ansys optiSLang

Ansys optiSLang is a process integration and design optimization solution that automates key aspects of the robust design optimization process.

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Ansys Post-processing

Ansys Post-processing enables you to analyze, visualize and communicate data from a variety of physics simulations.


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Ansys Prime Mesh

Ansys Prime Mesh provides core Ansys meshing technology that can be used to build meshes of different types for various physics simulations.  

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Ansys Rocky

Ansys Rocky is a 3D Discrete Element Method modeling program that simulates how a set of particles interact with other particles and the various boundaries that represent the conveyor chute, mill, mixer, plow, coater or other kind of bulk materials handling equipment being analyzed.

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Ansys SCADE is a complete model-based solution for designing, analyzing, simulating and verifying reliable embedded software for critical applications.

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Ansys Sound

Ansys Sound enables you to listen to, analyze and design sound sources based on real acoustics measurements or acoustic simulation results.


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Ansys Speos

Ansys Speos optical design software uniquely simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect, based on human vision.

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Ansys System Coupling

Ansys System Coupling integrates multiple individual analyses, enabling you to leverage different physics solvers and/or static external data sources in a single simulation.

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Ansys Zemax

Ansys Zemax OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design.


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