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Speos for developers


Ansys Speos optical design software uniquely simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect, based on human vision. For more information, see Ansys Speos.

Speos APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) offer you the capability to:

  • Access features provided by the Speos for SpaceClaim GUI through the Speos client APIs. 

  • Access features provided by the Speos for NX GUI through the Speos for NX library. 

  • Automate the management of input and output data through the Speos Labs automation APIs. 

  • Automate external simulation through the Speos Core methods. 

The Speos client APIs and Speos for NX library are intricately linked to the GUI, ensuring that the functionalities accessible in the GUI have a corresponding automation function. As the automation functions are directly derived from the GUI, they perfectly align with the actions you would perform in the software, such as creating new Speos objects, editing existing ones, and modifying parameters.  

The Speos Labs automation APIs enable you to perform preprocessing and postprocessing tasks on input data and simulation results from Speos. 

The Speos Core methods enable you to run locally exported simulations from a Speos software or on a network while keeping the Speos software available. 

OS and supported languages

Speos Client APIs are available for Windows in:

  • IronPython

Speos for NX library are available for Windows in: 

  • Python 

Speos Labs automation APIs are available for Windows in: 

  • VB Script, C++ 

Speos Core methods are available for Windows in: 

  • COM


Speos client APIs documentation

Provides API references and methods for the SpeosSim, SpeosDes, and SpeosAsm interfaces.

2024 R2


Speos NX library

Provides API references and methods for the Speos for NX features.

2024 R2

Speos Labs automation APIs 

Provides both general information and API references for automation.

2024 R2


Speos Core methods

Provides methods to run external Speos simulations. 

2024 R2

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 When using Speos APIs, you can perform further development with the APIs and libraries of these Ansys products: