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Recent Articles


Create a report from a saved Mechanical session (.mechdb or .mechdat)

| 02.20.2024

This demo shows you how to create a report from a saved Mechanical session using Python in Ansys v2024R1.

Advent of Code

Advent of Code 2023 survivors and results

| 02.20.2024

Advent of code 2023 is complete! Here is a round-up of this year's event.

Library and laptop

Library Lover’s Day

| 02.14.2024

An ode to the library, or, why language matters a lot when you’re talking to developers.


PyAEDT 0.7.11 Released!

| 02.12.2024

This week has seen the latest release of PyAEDT with version 0.7.11. This release includes a number of new features from the community as well as fixes across a variety of outstanding issues.

Portal Paradox - Simulation Results

Portal Paradox Part 4: Simulation Results

| 01.31.2024

In this final installment in our series on the Portal Paradox we look at simulation results.

Portal Paradox - The Theory

Portal Paradox Part 3: The Portal Paradox Theory

| 01.25.2024

We are on to the fourth installment (of five) in this series on the Portal Paradox. This article discusses the theory behind the paradox, and sets up a simulation using Python.

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