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PyAnsys for developers


PyAnsys is a collection of open source Python libraries designed for engineers to enhance the capabilities of Ansys products. These Python client libraries enable efficient data manipulation, automation, and customization of workflows, empowering engineers to gain deeper insights and streamline simulations. The project fosters a collaborative environment within the engineering community, encouraging knowledge sharing and community-driven development. With comprehensive documentation and vibrant community support, developers and engineers can maximize their usage of PyAnsys and contribute to its growth.

PyAnsys resources

Explore comprehensive documentation, real-world examples, and open source code repositories, and stay updated with our informative blog.

Getting started

If you are new to PyAnsys, we've got you covered with quick access to relevant information and tutorials on some of our libraries.

New to Python

We are always adding new resources so check back often. If you want to see something specific, or have something you want to share, you can drop us a line.

Open source resources

Open source is a new way for Ansys to work with software, and we know it might be new for many of our users too. We have put together some resources on what open source is and how you can better engage with it.

Contribute to PyAnsys

Ansys does not allow open source contributions without first having a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file. If you are interested in contributing to PyAnsys development, you must first sign the CLA. We offer an individual CLA and an organizational CLA, depending on your needs.

Complete the form for the OSS Contribution Agreement for: