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Granta MI for developers


Granta MI Enterprise is a complete materials data management solution. MI Gateway and Enterprise Connect integrate with CAD, CAE, and PLM software. From additive manufacturing to composites, Granta MI offers cutting-edge material processing.

  • CAD, CAE and PLM integration
  • Access 250,000+ materials
  • ‘Gold Source’ for materials data
  • Assess restricted substances risk
  • Supports additive manufacturing

The Granta MI Scripting Toolkit is a general-purpose client library for the Service Layer SOAP API. It allows you to browse, search, and export data from Granta MI databases into Python, supporting the generation of reports or integration with third-party tools. The Granta MI Scripting Toolkit also supports data import, allowing data processing workflows or importing of data from external data sources.

The PyGranta client libraries provide smaller tools for more specific use cases. PyGranta BoM Analytics allows you to analyze Bills of Materials against worldwide substance legislations, and PyGranta RecordLists can be used to create and modify lists of records stored centrally on the Granta MI server.

OS and supported languages

The Granta MI Scripting Toolkit is available for Windows and Linux in:

  • Python

PyGranta BoM Analytics and PyGranta RecordLists are available for all CPython supported platforms.


Granta MI Scripting Toolkit

The Granta MI Scripting Toolkit for Python facilitates interaction with Granta MI, enabling extraction, analysis, and transformation of materials data.



PyGranta BoM Analytics (open source)

The PyGranta BoM Analytics provides API access to Granta MI’s Restricted Substances solution in Python. The data managed in Granta MI can be leveraged to determine compliance and impacted substances for complex specification hierarchies, assemblies, and even entire products.

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PyGranta RecordLists (open source)

The PyGranta RecordLists allows Python access to Granta MI Record Lists, also known as the Favorites lists. This package allows you to create, access, and modify record lists that are stored centrally on the Granta MI server.

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PyGranta JobQueue (open source)

The PyGranta JobQueue provides a Python interface to the Granta JobQueue API.

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