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Rocky for developers


Ansys Rocky is a 3D Discrete Element Method (DEM) modeling program that simulates how a set of particles interact with other particles and the various boundaries that represent the conveyor chute, mill, mixer, plow, coater, or other kind of bulk materials handling equipment being analyzed.

The PrePost scripting provides lower-level access to Rocky’s data structures and simulation results. This library enables interaction with Rocky, facilitating the configuration and simulation of a project from scratch, analysis, and exportation of simulation results.  Moreover, it empowers you to perform advanced computations that extend beyond Rocky's standard feature set.

The Solver SDK enables you to develop custom modules that integrate into Rocky. A Rocky module is a compiled library that attaches to the Rocky solver at strategic points during the simulation, allowing the execution of custom code.

OS and supported languages

The PrePost scripting and SDK are available for Windows and Linux in:

  • PrePost scripting: Python
  • Solver SDK: C++ and Cuda


PrePost scripting

Use the PrePost scripting to create and modify Python scripts for automating tasks in Rocky.

2024 R2

Solver SDK

Use the Solver SDK to develop custom modules that integrate into Rocky.

2024 R2

PyRocky (open source)

PyRocky is a Python client library for remotely controlling Ansys Rocky, which is the most powerful software on the market for performing DEM (Discrete Element Method) simulations.

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