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Ansys Open Source

Introducing PyMeilisearch

Revathy Venugopal | 09.27.2023

We are excited to announce the release of our Meilisearch companion tool, PyMeilisearch. As Ansys continues to expand our adoption of open-source we are working on projects related to many of the tools our OSS projects are using.

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Postprocessing of simplified bolted connections with the help of PyAnsys

Serhii Zhuravel | 09.18.2023

This article demonstrates GUI application possibilities in calculating pre-tensioned bolted connections using PyMAPDL. The application uses widely recognised standards for bolted connections such as EN 1993-1-8 and VDI 2230.

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Ansys PyMechanical

PyMechanical Cheat Sheet

Ansys Developer | 09.05.2023

This is a quick-reference guide for PyMechanical.

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PathAnalysis for Pressure Vessel

PathAnalysis package for pressure vessel licensing procedures in Ansys Mechanical

Tiago Pomella Lobo | 09.01.2023

Tiago Pomella Lobo of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology presents his PathAnalysis package for use with ACT in Ansys Mechanical. "This Ansys Mechanical extension that can be installed by anyone, adding a custom toolbar menu that can automatically find and create the shortest path between a pair of named Node and Surface, compute linearized (stress and temperature) solutions along those paths, and also export and delete those results. "

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tips & tricks

Working with text files in Python - Quick start | 08.18.2023

One of the most important skills in any programming language is knowing how to open text files and extract the data/information for your program. This is usually quite straightforward, but there are various aspects that may make it trickier than you initially suspect. This guide gives readers recipes they can build on, covering common situations and pointing out some common pitfalls.

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Ansys PyDynamicReporting

Embedding PyDynamicReporting into applications

Marina Galvagni | 08.08.2023

Ansys Dynamic Reporting provides interactive and dynamic reports that can be embedded in any application, and the pydynamicreporting library allows easy access and control over the application. This quick guide provides steps to easily embed ADR into your application, allowing you to add powerful and modern looking reports to your application.

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Pronovix Developer Success Podcast

Podcast: Simulation and Community Building at Ansys

Ansys Developer | 08.03.2023

Ansys Developer's own Chris Harrold sat down with Pronovix's Developer Success podcast to discuss simulation and community building at Ansys.

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Ansys PyMechanical

Exploring PyMechanical access methods: A brief overview | 07.25.2023

Ansys Mechanical's powerful scripting capability plays a crucial role in enabling task automation. This articles explores how Mechanical Scripting and PyMechanical can be used to streamline simulations, control input deck, perform proof-of-concept studies, and integrate with other Python modules.

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Ansys PyDynamicReporting

PyDynamicReporting Cheat Sheet

Ansys Developer | 07.25.2023

This is a quick-reference guide for PyDynamicReporting.

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