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What is PyAnsys?

Open-source Python libraries, for the most demanding simulation workflows.

PyAnsys is a collection of Python-based, open-source projects tailored specifically for engineers seeking to extend the capabilities of Ansys products. Developed as a collection of Python client libraries, PyAnsys offers engineers a comprehensive set of tools and utilities that seamlessly integrate with Ansys software, empowering them to enhance their simulations and analyses.

With PyAnsys, developers and engineers alike can harness the power of Python to efficiently manipulate, modify, and extract data from Ansys products. These Python client libraries enable engineers to automate repetitive tasks, customize workflows, and develop tailored solutions that align with their specific engineering requirements. By leveraging PyAnsys, engineers can unlock new possibilities, streamline their workflows, and gain deeper insights into their simulations.

Our developer program supports this open source project and fosters a collaborative environment within the engineering community, encouraging knowledge sharing and community-driven development. Engineers can contribute to the libraries directly, exchange ideas, and collaborate on enhancing the capabilities of Ansys software. The libraries provide their documentation directly, and the developer portal has a vibrant community support system, as well as a set of examples and use cases so developers and engineers can maximize their usage of PyAnsys.


Not sure where to start? We have compiled useful PyAnsys resources to inspire your own projects. Examples, Guides, and Cheat Sheets make it easier to get started performing tasks with PyAnsys.

PyAnsys Resources


There is an ever-increasing list of PyAnsys libraries available across the Ansys product families. You can find the PyAnsys documentation on the PyAnsys site here.

PyAnsys Docs


Browse the PyAnsys client libraries directly on GitHub, part of the Ansys open source development organization.

PyAnsys on GitHub