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PyAnsys Resources

What is PyAnsys?

PyAnsys is an important set of open source tools for interfacing with the portfolio of Ansys simulation tools in the Python language. These new interfaces are part of Ansys' commitment to building the most complete simulation platform available. By enabling developers and engineers to work side-by-side to create solutions, Ansys is allowing our users to have more control over the tools they need.

This is a new area for many of our users, and even Python itself might be new to you. Understanding Python and the PyAnsys libraries is a critical first step to using with these tools in your own workflow. We have collected a variety of resources for you here to enable you to get started with Python and the PyAnsys tools so you are ready to put them to work for yourself.

Important Resources

From Python classes to specific PyAnsys guides and examples, we have curated a collection of key resources to help you get the most out of your PyAnsys work. We are always adding new resources so make sure to check back, and if you want to see something specific, or have something you want to share, you can drop us a line.

Getting started with Python

Python Tips & Tricks 

Getting Started with PyAnsys

Latest PyAnsys Guides



PyAnsys Resources

Documentation, examples, the code itself, all here as part of our open-source PyAnsys projects.

PyAnsys Documentation

PyAnsys Examples

PyAnsys on Github

Open-Source Resources

Open-source is a new way for Ansys to work with software and we know it might be new for many of our users too. We have put together some resources for you to consult about what is open-source, and how you can better engage with it.

Open Source @ Ansys

Open Source Guides