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Ansys Store Update

Ansys is expanding our focus on platforms and solutions, and we have identified that the Ansys Store needs additional processes and improvements to provide you and our shared customers with maximum value. The new changes are part of our overall plan to revamp the store to deliver a more personalized experience, while  improving the quality and scope of what is published.

The changes are outlined below.

EXISTING listings:

  • All publishers currently listing in the Ansys store must submit their apps/solutions for review via the Ansys Store review request form.
    • If your app(s)/solution(s) are not resubmitted for review by January 1st, 2023, they will be marked for removal, and you will be notified again to complete the resubmission form.
    • Anything not resubmitted for review will be removed on February 1st.
    • If your review is pending, it will remain listed until the review is complete.
  • We will prioritize the review of existing listings and will try to perform validation testing and communicate the results within 30 days of submission.
  • Any listings that do not pass review will have the opportunity for re-review, and we will share the areas for improvement in our review results.

NEW Submissions:

  • As of this email, all submissions to the Ansys Store via the email address and current submission form are suspended.
    • Any new listing must follow the new Ansys Store review request form.
    • All upgrades and updates must also follow this submission process going forward.
  • If you are not currently an Ansys partner, the business and partner review process will be required first, and is separate from testing and validation.
  • We will review new requests as they are submitted and communicate the results of the validation and testing within no more than 45 days of submission.
  • Any submissions that do not pass review will have the opportunity for re-review and we will share the areas for improvement in our review results.

We realize that this is a change in process and will require some of your time.  This change of process is a critical part of the evolution of the current store, and we will be making many other technical and platform changes as we evolve it into a more mature platform in the coming months. These changes set us up to deliver more value with our publishers, including:

  • Customer confidence that listings have been fully validated and tested by Ansys SMEs from partnership, technology, legal, and product teams to create an environment of trust and value.
  • Enabling the best experience for our shared customers by ensuring that publishers provide support for all listings.
  • Enabling better metrics and increased self-management of listings on the platform, so publishers have full visibility into their listings.

With your support in the evolution of the Ansys Store, we look forward to  working with you to help validate your listings through this new process. If you have any questions not addressed by the FAQ or process documentation below, do not hesitate to reach out to us! We would be happy to help.


The Ansys Store Team (

Process Overview

Submission process flowchart

Re-Submission process

From left to right, the process is:

  1. Submit request form (found here)
  2. Partner review (skipped for existing partners)
  3. Virus/malware check
  4. Solution review - regular review sessions with product/legal/partner teams
  5. Code Scan of source code for solution/app
  6. Test and validation - installation, run, support inquiries
  7. Notification and publishing prep collection form submitted by publisher
  8. Published to the store