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Ansys Discovery

What is Ansys Discovery?intercooler image

Ansys Discovery is a simulation-driven 3D design software tool that combines interactive modeling and multiple simulation capabilities, allowing you to address critical design challenges earlier in the product design process. By combining interactive modeling and multiple simulation capabilities in a first-of-its-kind product, Discovery allows you to answer critical design questions earlier. This upfront approach to simulation saves time and effort on prototyping as you explore multiple design concepts in real time with no need to wait for simulation results.

Discovery Extensibility

Discovery allows extension of core functions through the ability to develop extensions and add-ins for the Discovery product. In order to get started building these extensions, we have documented the process in the Discovery Extensibility and Add-ins Developer Guide. The guide describes the standards and process for building extensions and add-ins and the best practices for ensuring compatibility and functionality.

Discovery Extensibility GuidE (Download)

Discovery Style Guide

The Discovery Style Guide provides guidance on colors, icons, typography, and themes, and the Discovery Quick Reference for Tool Usage provides guidance on tool workflows and selection paradigms. These guides will help developers ensure that enhancements they make to Ansys Discovery are in line with the design system established for the product. You can download the whole package or individual elements. 

Complete Style Guide package (ZIP downloaD)

 Learn more about Discovery

You can learn Ansys Discovery by viewing tutorials on the Ansys Discovery Forum. You can also share tips, provide feedback, and get answers to your questions.

Ansys customers can also take training courses on Ansys Discovery, such as Introduction to Ansys Discovery, Ansys Discovery in Ansys Cloud, and Ansys Discovery for FEA Geometry Preparation.

Ansys Discovery Forum

Discovery on Ansys Learning Hub