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Ansys Developer at PyCon

Key Events

Come visit us during the exposition at Booth #332 for Ansys giveways, booth talks in our theatre, or to discuss Ansys Developer.

Thursday, April 20 | 1130-1230

See PyAnsys' Senior Principal R&D Engineer, Alex Kaszynski present "From Closed to Open: The Journey of Enabling Next Scale Development Using Python and Open Source at Ansys" - Room 251C.

Job Fair
Sunday, April 23 | 1000-1300

Find our talent acquisition experts at the Ansys Developer table during the job fair to discuss developer roles at Ansys.

The Salt Lake Py Bake
Monday, April 24 | 1300-1700

Ansys Developer is teaming up with the Python Software Foundation to pair local students with industry experts to complete a set of student-tuned code challenges. We have partnered with local school districts and Girls Who Code to coach students through three tiers of Python challenges:

  • Introductory - students with very basic coding experience
  • Intermediate - students with experience coding, but no necessarily in Python
  • Advanced - students who are experienced coding in Python

Find out more about the Py Bake here:

Salt Lake Py Bake

The Ansys Developer Theatre

Come see our experts discuss Python topics you can use daily.

Thursday, April 20 | 1800
Larry Williams, Distinguished Engineer
The Future of Simulation
Friday, April 21 | 1015
Emily Glatz, Talent Acquisition Specialist
The Technical Interview
Friday, April 21 | 1300
Chris Butor, Manager, R&D
Ansys Lab / OnScale
Friday, April 21 | 1545
Olivier Ricordel, Developer Partner Program Director
Partnering with Ansys Developer
Saturday, April 22 | 1020
Sandeep Medikonda, Manager, Application Engineering
Coding for Simulation
Saturday, April 22 | 1300
James Derrick, Senior Developer Evangelist 
Introduction to Engineering Simulation for Developers
Saturday, April 22 | 1545
Babacar Fall, Lead R&D Engineer 


Attend any of our booth talks for a chance to take home some Ansys Developer swag, including skateboard decks and mechanical keyboards.

Ansys Developer PyCon Merchandise